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    Chester See is an entrepreneur and new media pioneer. With over a million subscribers and more than a hundred million views, Chester is one of the most successful YouTube artists creating original content today. Chester is a versatile entertainment professional with writing, performing, and producing credits to his name. He is committed to bringing high quality, cutting edge entertainment to both traditional and online viewing audiences.

    Originally from Fairfield, California, Chester graduated from UCLA in 2005 with degrees in Economics and Theater Arts. In 2006 he became the host of “Disney 365”, a behind-the-scenes entertainment news program airing on the Disney Channel. Also, during this time Chester began songwriting with various Warner/Chappell artists.

    Chester’s self-titled YouTube channel featuring comedy sketches, dramatic shorts, both original and cover songs, and vlogs quickly developed a loyal fan following, which has translated into over 500,000 iTunes downloads. In 2013 Chester received two Streamy Award nominations in the categories of Best Online Personality and Best Online Musician.

    In 2012 Chester co-founded the now funded YouTube channel, YOMYOMF alongside director Justin Lin of the FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise.  The channel releases both scripted and reality series programming and features a variety of talented performers from both traditional and online entertainment.

    Most recently Chester served as both star and executive producer for the feature film SIDE EFFECTS. Released episodically via the Dreamworks acquired AwesomenessTV channel, the first installment received over 2 million views in the first week of availability.

    Next Chester will executive produce with Brian Robbins the feature film THE BRAG. Currently in development this film is slated for a late 2014 release.


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    kayla r

    thats all i can say!

      kyli lauren

      i was watching nigahiga and fell in love with the song nice guys and then fell in love with ur channel its all amazing


        that’s the same like me
        i was like, what’s Nice guys on youtube
        i started watching it then i loved it
        then i loved the song too


        Haha thats crazy!! Thats exactly what happened with me! Now I’m like in love with Chester


        That’s how I found him too!!!!



      he is beautiful and i love his music!!!! <33


      Dear Chester,
      If God didn’t give me you, I’d be nothing. Your songs, your music your everything has gotten me through every rough patch in my life! You will go so far in the rest of your life! I hope you never give up on singing/acting. You can change the world with just your smile! :)


      i saw bromance and thought he had an amazing voice then suscribed to his channel and well this!

    Marielly Ostos

    WOW chester,you are amazing
    as a singer,as an actor,as a person :)
    God bless you,you deserve it,you are just amazing.
    Keep it up<3

    Gwen Li

    you are amazing and i love you! i just watched your latest vid as well, your such a good actor haha. thanks for your vids, always makes my day :) <3
    ps. please come sydney australia!


    Ey…hey:) I like your voice so much! Keep it up! (I hope you can understand me. I can’t speak english very well, because I’m from Germany!) Ey…so..yea.
    I like you♥:)

    Yours, Jana.

    p.s. My favourite song is “falling for you”. I play the piano, too(for 8 years).
    I hope, I can fnd the chords for this song. :)


      Hey Chester,
      I just wanted to say that your music is awsome( not as that awsome like David Choi’s music, but AWSOME!) and i love your voice, ’cause it’s not one of this freakinly boring
      pop-singer voices it’s a little bit raucous. And the song ”Why won’t you smile” is one of my favourites(it makes me always happy :) ).
      Please never stop making music!
      Oh and could you ensure that YTF comes to Europe?
      Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaas, that would be amazing! \(O-O)/ XD


    How old is he?


      nobody knows :)


        hmm..he looks about.. 100?


          gurl your crazy he is not 100! do you have something worng with your head????

          Nessa Leigh

          I LOVE YOU CHESTER SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        Chester knows. ❤


      I went to Celebraty Actors camp and he told us his age. He is 27. He looks younger than he is.

      Chester See fan

      He told me he was 23 o_o


      hes 12 yrs older than me! :( and im 13 so hes 25 or something like that! :P

      Josephine KB

      In one of his first vids he said he was 24, and that was about 3 years ago, so 27 :)

      Holly G

      Im not sure… He looks 22 or 23?

      Caprice Cassels (:

      He’s 28, and he turns 29 on April 20. (:


    I love your songs :)
    you are an amazing singer!

    Ps.: Please come to Germany :)


      He is an amazing singer! But he DOES NOT need YOU to tell him that! for all he knows your some fool that can’t sing yourself! AND HE IS NOT GOING TO GERMANY! he is staying here with ME! thank you—-thank you very much!



        freak. :D


        so not cool dude =.=


          @jamie you know what? chester doesn’t need you to tell him what to do either. he could go to germany if he wants and he could stay if he wants but he is not yours. he doesn’t belong to anyone. the only person that he belongs to is himself he has his own rights ok? people could say plz visit what ever city they want. who knows if someone could sing or not if youve never met them? you might not be able to sing either yourself. so just calm down. really you can’t tell anyone what they could do and what they cant they own themselfs PERIOD.

        totally awesome person right here

        hey, i dunno who you think you are, but chester is mine. And if someone says he doesn’t belong to anyone, well- HE BELONGS TO HIS MOTHER! So he can belong to me too. (seems kinda slave like i know, but whatever!) heheheh…… Sorry i have like problems :D ILOVEU!

          totally awesome person right here

          by the way….. you should like totally come to Toronto like all the time Chester. Its like awesome ’cause im like there. heheheh…. Sorry i have like issues….. :D OMB I LOVE U!

            totally awesome person right here

            BTW you should like stop breaking commandment #2 like OMB! heheheh….. Sorry i have like problems….. :D

    Georgia-Alice Webb

    Hey :) I have been following your youtube account since you first started. I absolutely adore all your original songs and your covers. The most recent cover of ‘A Drop In The Ocean’ is one of my all time favourites and your cover of it has just made it complete. Your voice is so profound and meaningful. I adore your whole approach to the music and hope you continue to compose songs and cover :) Thanks, Gee x


    AMAZING singerr
    im in love with all your songs <3 they speak my lifee lol

    Innujha =]

    Your amazing! :D I love you :3


    Hey Chester! I just recently started watching your videos on YouTube, so I’m a new fan. I love your songs so much, especially “Where Are You Now” and “Invisible”. I hope you read this message.

    Keep on doing what you’re doing!

    Love from Malaysia.


    You are most likely not goin to read this. but thats ok. I’ll send you mail! :) i LOVE gettin mail too! Me and my friend LOVE that song “different” Its hilarious! Willl you write a song for me!? I think i’ll buy you some cologne! not that you need any! but then i’ll know what you smell like! Write me a song about chcken and lotion! my 2 favorite things! Will you send me a picture of you so i can tell my friends that you my bff! you know the bff that turns into the “bf” cause you willl fall in love with me of course! how could you not! Thanx! Love ya(literally) BYE~ ;)

      woman. calm down.

      you sound craaaazy, girl. i honestly won’t be surprised if you tell me you’re a twilight fan or a justin bieber fan. both induce craziness and possessiveness of the strangest nature.


      ahahaha. i’m kidding. but you might want to ask chester before you tell everyone you guys are married…


        I know Jamie is such a freak cheka and i love you chester i love your music u inspire me and can we hook up some time baby and u sing me those songs and show me ur amazing body (:


      How the heck can yu say, that you love him if you never met him, if he isn’t even you’re friend?? Get a life and try to date a guy who you know, or that you(leastways) saw in reality! -_________-

    Kristin McNally

    I just wanted to thank you for making such incredible music:)! <3


    Your music is beautiful! Your voice is wonderful! Thank you for the beautiful music! Keep playing please!


    Hi! Im kinda new your videos, but I absolutly LOVE them! Im so amaed that your not ‘amazingly’ famous! D: You so much better then thosee other useless artists out there…. Your singing is perfect and please never give up singing!! :)


    Your music is amazing, you really have a great voice :) I love your tuesday promise, even though I mostly don’t see the video until wednesday due to the time difference, cause I live in Germany ;-) By the way, you definitely should come here one day, I’d love to see ya live!
    Never stop doing music (and posting it on youtube of course! :D)


    MUSCLES <3

      Not Sam

      this guy so gay bru lad cuz

        matt ray

        fuck you nigga…all you haters….chester see is the realest….if you got problems see me at hp 115….meet my .45 and .41 bitch….god damn your beautiful

    Aimee Sykes

    All of your songs are amazing.
    You’re beautiful, and have the most amazing voice I have ever heard in my life.
    I hope you go far, you deffinately deserve it <3.

    Love Aimee :)


    Your are so f***ing AWESOME!
    Damn, when I first heard you sing I was like stunned into silence. Your songs are so intense and has so much feeling it’s unbeleivavle. That’s some talent, man, and I love you!
    Aww, I wanna meet you for real now.
    Wish you sucess! Keep doing what you do while I freaking stalk your websites and vids LOL


    Your voice, and the feeling in your voice, is a gift.
    sing and sing for the whole world.


    keep rocking and when I visit Cali..
    I wanna go to a gig..!!



    like isaid before your an amazing singer. haven’t heard a voice like yours in a long time :) ican always tell a good singer because when they sing iget goosebumps lol


    I love you, you’re seriously amazing <3 IF you're ever in canada look me up ;) Trust me when I say I'm totally a babe and we would have alot of fun <3


      How is he supposed to look you up Lisa? I tell ya some girls are just stupid.


    why so perfect?._.

    Elizabeth W.

    Forget Justin Bieber, forget Cody Simpson, Chester See is my obsession <333


    Chester, You’re totally awesome, and you have wonderful songs.
    Your voice is beautiful :)
    Keep singing and writing songs!!

    and hello from me!!!


    Sending love all the way from Australia , Thanks for your music :)


    I just wondered which reality show from Norway your songs are in? I’m Norwegian and I really wanna know the name of the show, please answer :)

    Zoha xx

    You Seriiously Melt Me…x :O
    Liike SERIIOUSLY !!
    Goddammit I Dont Know What It Is About You
    The Fact That You Sing, Act, Write Songs And Are A Funny, Awesome, Yet Down To Earth Guy
    Or The Fact That You Are Just Plaiin Frikkin Beauuutiful !! xD

    I Hope You Get Everything You Ever Want :)

    Add Me On YouTube …? :: ButterflyingAway ::: My Username ^__^


    Shanadel Especkerman

    you have THEE most amazing voice! i’ve totally and completely fallen inlove with your music, they just oose with warmth and so much love. By the way, you turned my good friend gay for your song ‘ Why Wont You Smile’! ;D You WILL succeed so farin life that its mind blowing! keep rocking! lotsa love from Malaysia


    Wow, you are totally awesome! And I had no idea you were from Fairfield Ca! That just adds more awesome points!! :DD


    hey Chester,

    I just spent my entire night listening to your oiginal songs and i have to say i have perma-goose bumps! Your voice is so amazing and clear that you touch everyone that listens to you. I’m so glad that the world gets to share a love for you amazing talent. :) Dont forget to visit Canada on your trip around the world!

    Love from Penelope


    You Are AMAZING!
    I Hope To Meet You When I Get To Cali.
    I Wish I Had A Voice As Astonishing As Yours.
    I . LOVE . YOU .

    Rachel Martorano

    Hey Chester!
    Okay, so not to sound like a prissy fan girl or anything, but I love your songs. Serious, you’re extremely talented. Your videos have made me laugh so hard ( atleast Shed a Tear and Nice Guys), I have fallen off my head and had my parents come upstairs to ask what was wrong, I was laughing so hard. It was great :). But, what I was going to say was that you seem like a really cool guy. Please add me on Facebook, i would love to talk sometime. Again, not a creepy fangirl.
    Love, Rachel.

    Allie l

    Wow your so talented chester! i love to watch your videos when i have time =3.
    Not to sound like some stalker chick but “i love you” hehehe. i want one of your albums so

    Magy M

    your so f ing hot!!!!!!! You have wash board abs…. whooooooo SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
    dude your so talented I wish i could meet you one day boy i LOVE YOU so as you figured i’m a obssed fan, but i’m not no stalker like so chicks if you get me….ewww thats nasty *chills* there never going to get you sooo they can be like me and dream. love ya!!!!!!!


      ^Another stalker chick


    Thank you so much for all the music you make. My favorite one is your version of Halelujah. That was so beautiful, thank you for sharing it.

    Also, I find you incredibly attractive.


    Please come to Norway!!?


      I love you! Please come too Norway, we love you <3
      You have an amazing voice. You're beautiful ;)


    I don’t usually comment like this, but i just really felt like doing it now.. so, would you please come to Norway!!? that would be amazing!

      Not Coming To Norway

      He’s not coming to Norway


    You have an amazing voice, and your songs are great. Keep up what your doing, and remember one thing….
    I think you’re a sexy beast. XD

    Caroline <3

    kirstie greatwood

    i love you. that is all


      ^Yet another stalker chick

    Stephanie S.

    having trouble dealing with the fact that he’s about 7 or 8 years older than me :(


    You are just amazing…I love all your songs and videos. You are so damned talented, keep it up! Oh, and please come to Melbourne, Australia some time <3


    I LOVE YOU<3 role model! <3

    Molly x

    Hey chester i know your probley sick of hearing this but i love your music!, really
    cool songs on youtube with the other guys like ryan higa and kev jumba.. my fav was
    your singing on ‘nice guyz’ on youtube… so keep up the gd work, bye!!x

    Regla Perez

    chester:) i think your music is so beautiful. just like the song! lol and i follow all your youtube songs/videos .
    i would love for you to follow me back on twitter <3.
    love, your #1 fan:D

    evelyn rodriguez

    I LOVE YOU CHESTER SEE!!! i have this friend tat is totally into u. ive seen ur vidoes on youtube and ur voice is sooooo beautiful!!!!! especially in ur song “everything” :) I LOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE YOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


    i had no idea you were THE chester, i’ve loved you since your disney days & now your writing some of the most amazing songs in the world!

    your great! dont ever stop(:

    sarah babcock


    Elise P.

    Chester!!! I love you, you have such an amazing voice :D I have most all your songs on my ipod now too!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! just saying… :)

    Jessica Tucker

    we were born in the same place <33333

    Martin S.

    WOW! Mr. Chetser See, I just became one of your fans. Bro, I just laugh sooo much at all your stuff and the collaborations u do with Nigahiga, KevJumba, Wuproduction and every youtube Celebs are genious works. Keep ‘em coming man. …………..bet ya never though You would have fans over here in the Marianas islands ( Saipan) :-)
    So Goodbye was the recent one I saw………. Don’t worry, Im not a stalker -LOL! keep Us entertained with all Your vids. You really know Your game, after all- CHESTER KNOWS!


    God he’s hot.

    Merideth Gerard ♥

    chester seeee, your amazing. i love your music. i would love to meet you someday. your cute too, thats a plus. i hope i do meet you. keeep it up ♥


    I think you are an absolutely amazing singer and very talented. I honestly think you should be a real musician that has their songs on the radio and everybody knows, because you are truely talented.
    P.S. love your Robert DeNiro impression :D


    Hi chester u r gorgeous plz come 2 ireland i luv ur videos and ur voice and god damn ur beautiful is de only way 2 describe u


    Im a fan of yours.
    I love the way you act and sing.
    You have a great talent.KEEP IT UP.

    -from Philippines.


    Hey there! I don’t think Chester’ll read this but… I just want to say a few words about him.
    What I love about Chester See:
    - his riveting voice when he talks;
    - his amazing voice when he sings;
    - his eyes (they’re so forceful!);
    - his unique way of singing songs;
    - his.. beard;
    - Douche, sorry Duke <3;
    - his videos;
    - his sense of humor.
    Actually, I love what he's doing. Just keep on going!


    so that is why your so good at piano


    the more i watch ur vids the more amazing and cool you get. :)
    wish u could come down to sydney some day, id love to watch to sing live

    ps. love ur personality <3

    Sylvi Therese

    Yay. I’m proud to be norwegian now 8-)


    Chester I just wanted to tell you how amazing and inspirational your music is and how your videos always manage to brighten my day (especially why won’t you smile)…. But then I realized that there weren’t any words to express these things! So I’m just going to say thank you and keep up the good work!!
    Oh and I’m looking forward to your next live recording of an original song, hopefully it comes sooner rather than later!

    Morgan A-M

    what year were you born/how old are you? ive been trying to find out on the internet but i couldnt find anything. :(
    thanks ! (:




    I saw Chester See on NIGAHIGA (love that channel) and I fell in love with his voice! it is so rich and beautiful(= His song “God Damn You’re Beautiful” is soooo fantastic! i listen to it before i fall asleep every night! haha maybe that makes me weird…idc :p Anyway….Chester See, you are amazing. Keep up the awesome work! <3 Jannalyn F.


    hey chester, pls pls pls make a live chat!!!!!!!!!!


    Dunno what crazy chick turned you down, but at least “Falling for you” came out of it! You gained a new fan today :) Good luck, and I’ll be waiting for new songs!


      You mean what dude… he’s gay


        I thought he said he’s straight? I don’t care either way, I’m just curious now… Some people seem to think he’s straight, some think he’s gay, and some claim he’s bi.


    oh my days! he started playinng the piano when he was 16? i gave up cos i thought the only way i could be awesome at piano is if i was one of those kids that the parents made to learn the piano since they were like 5 or something….. thats it! 18 is only two years older than 16…I’m gonna learn how to play the piano! you and your music are very inspiring! :)


      oh haha, he was 6, nvm, i’ll stil try and learn it tho :)

    Meister of DooDoo

    He’s asian?!?!?

    Cherokee Jones

    Hey there Chester.
    Just wanted to say that you’re an amazing and talented guy. I love your Hallelujah cover. Twas beautiful. You have the most beautiful eyes ever. Well, they’re right up there with Gerard Way’s and Frank Iero’s. :) Hopefully we could all meet and hang out together. Haha. It’d be quit the day I tell you. I see that you’re a great actor as well, along with being a talented singer and musician. We should get together and make a video. It’d be fun. I’m a Sophmore in High School now and I’m in the Speech and Drama class. It’s a wonderful class. One of my favorites. I’m also in Choir but, I’m not liking it as much as I used to. We got a new teacher this year and she’s pretty much ruined the thought of singing in that class for me. I’m still going to sing, but only on my own time. :3 I’d love to sing you with ou sometime. I suck singing on video though. I really do. I sound better in person. Well, have fun Chester. “Stay Beautiful, Keep It ugly.”

    Cherokee Jones

    I just noticed plenty of typos in that. :D FORGIVE MEH.


    just wanted to tell u that ur amazing and that u should come to Canada (eh?) ps love the song everything:)




    Just gonna throw out there that I love your music and voice so much.<3
    And that it's kinda funny that here I am in high school, listening to your songs on repeat on my iPod, when I would sit up and wait for Disney 365 to see my 'Celebrity Crush' at the time, none other than, Chester See.xD
    Oh and hey, come do a show in Florida!:D

    Allison D

    CHESTER, I LIVE IN VACAVILLE/FAIRFIELD! COME DO A SHOW HERE! :D I can’t believe you’re from Fairfield, and I live here. I’ve been a fan for a while and my friend just told me you went to Vanden. I GO TO VANDEN. I didn’t believe her at first and now I’m like oh my god this can’t be real :D
    Anyways, I hope I don’t seem too creepy or anything haha. :)


    I had no idea who you were until a friend of mine posted your “Its time to go” video on Facebook this afternoon…already I have fallen in love with your music. <3


    Hey I’ve been meaning to ask what the song Life of Regrets is about? I listened to it and I just got so curious on who this is about and I kinda want to know what the story of this guy’s life is about. Btw you make awesome music!


    YTF!! :P

    please come to Christchurch NZ PLEEEEEEEEEASEE

    i ♥ Chester See

    Damn he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SEXY!!!! GOD DAMN HE’S BEUTIFUL!!! :D


    OMG!!! everybody loves u! way to go chester! love send to you all the way from Suriname.

    Megan Hallman

    I love Chester See :)
    My boyfriend told me to listen to God Damn You’re Beautiful and i just fell in love with it.

    Brier Barclay

    Ever since i heard nice guys i couldn’t stop listening to it…went on your youtube account and am now addicted to your music. never stop!


    your amazing. i even posted on facebook i have a huge crush on you. your songs are flawless. your so amazing


      annnnnd he’s gay.

    christian zafra

    musta po.?
    ganda ng mga kanta mo..
    may the success always with you..

    mariel seras

    all i could say is: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chester see is like a total package.

    Matthew Higgins

    Hes a good singer and hes cool


    love your music great voice


    i love you man, your music is beautiful and it really speaks to people. I have to say though i’m just a tad more in love with your white piano its georgous. (:


    God bless you Chester. You are amazing and I wish for you to never stop your talent. Have a wonderful life Chester God bless you.


    i just love your songs and stuff, you’re so inspiring..
    i’m addicted to ‘Everything’ like seriouslyyyyy

    Silli _Chester See fan :D

    Deine Musik ist genial (:


    i didn’t know chesster played on the fresh beat band

    Jenny More

    I love you soo much & you’re amazing <33333333
    I swear one day I will marry you Chester.


    chester see is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    heh… Chester See… well for one thing an amazing vocalist. and yeah YTF needs to come to Sydney Aus :) RESPECT for this guy – great pianist and artist. “Everything” and “Why don’t you Smile?” are absolutely (insert really really awesome word here).

    Lauren a.k.a laurlaur

    ok OMFG like relli ok i love chester with all my frickin heart i hope you never stop making music chester if u did i dont know what i would do i made a YTF poster so i would always have u with me I LOVE YOU CHESTER please come to canada please and i missed the ytf concert when it came to toronto i was so upset when i heard about it
    -love lauren

    Keevan McGarvey


    David Oates

    Hi Chester

    Your music is inspirational, majestic and touches the very soul of the listener.

    Thank you for sharing it with us all.

    Kindest regards

    David (UK)

    Ryan Andrew Tallent

    I feel really weird knowing that im like the only dude on here 0.o

    Norwegian Girl

    On behalf of Us Norwegians; You`re soooo talented, And Love your songs! Keep up the good Work!:D <3

    mee :)

    i just started watching your videos recently & i cant stop haha you have a wonderful voice, you seem like a good person to be bff’s with :) you are truely the sexiest person ive ever seen who isn’t a jerk. you are amazing, keep it up, :*
    if i could say one thing to you in person it would privily be this corny little line:
    letters start with ‘abc’
    numbers start with ’123′
    music starts with ‘do-re-mi’
    love starts with ‘ you & me ‘ :)<3

    Fiffy Hasfar

    (i’m nervous,don’t judge) Dear, chester. I love your songs and your voice. i think your awesome and great. ANYWAY! The reason i’m writing about this is because i’m currently writing a book called “Twins of A Heart” which is about twin sisters that had a horrible past that made them paranoid of trusting people (parents got murdered and all) besides each other and then they are beginning to see the good in people. This story is about sisterhood,love and trust. I’ll get straight to the point, i would love it if you would be kind enough to compose a song and upload it in youtube as my story’s theme song. its fine if you don’t want to because i’m just asking a favor. JUST ASKING, thats all. (ryan optional,lol) Your truly, a fan :)


    your one of the best singers i lisen to mate i cant beleave your not famouse yet. my most favorite songs you have is nice guys and god damn your beautiful you are a really big insiring person for eveyone.


    not only is chester hot and a great singer and not to mention amazing he is smart and a great person


    I seriously think youre beyond sexy. We should go on a date sometime ! We would make the cutest kids eveeeeeeeeer :p


    Sadly enough, I just found out about you now, but you are an amazing singer and really cute :) I’m glad I found out about you now rather than later. Love your songs too by the way! You have true talent. Gotta love ya Chester.

    Kiara Harris

    I saw you on youtube a while ago and I was like OMG I know him, I knew I had seen you before so I went to IMDB and found out you were on Disney! (: I’m so in love with your voice and I introduce your youtube to everyone. Planing on learning to play some of your songs on the piano, much support and love to you Chester! <3


    Thanks for sharing your gifts with the world. :)


    pianist. singer-songwriter. actor. humorist. handsome. low profile = perfect


    How old is he?


    heyyyyy man i love your voice sooooo much and i really really hope the best for u
    loveeeeeeee from saudi arabia

    jose brunei

    chesteer, please cover song by chris medina – what are words. Thanks!


    You are awesome Chester! But some of your fans’ comments scare me.

    I wish you luck against creepy stalker people. Keep making awesome songs

    Sarah Curtis

    I freaking LOVE you Chester


    I just downloaded your cover of SET Fire To The Rain!!!!!The power in your voice!!! Oh my god, you’re amazing, unbelievably talented!!!!!


    Chester you’re a good singer…
    i love your cover “the one that got away ” becuse your voice sounds so sexy !!!!

    josh Powell

    how did you learn to sing so good? duke is a gonner was hilarious by the way.


    OH MY GOSH! you are so awesome Chester!

    Laura Mitchell

    How long did it take you to finish acting college, because I am wanting to taking acting college or theatre arts when I am older so yah. How long was it for your college??


    Wow!!!! He’s from Fairfield! I live there!

    That Girl on Facebook

    Chester See Is hot, amazing, an a mazing singer, adorable, HOT, my idol, coolest person ive ever seen, a musical super hero, HOT, unbelivably talented, HOT, HOT, and….. Darn i forgot…. oh yea and Chucking HOT i have to say this about him HE”S PURE HOT AND HAS A TAN OF AWSOMESAUSE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      U really wanna talk about my husband?! GIRL BOO!!!! You wanna know what’s hot? The sun! and you should go live on it!


    o_o I’m slow as f.
    I’ve seen Disney 365 over 50 bajillion times and when I see the name Chester See, nothing pops into my head until I read this.

    Chester, you’re freaking awesome. Your singing, songwriting, and personality are supercalifragilisticexpialidociously awesome-amazing, and you’re so funny =D
    Hopefully I’ll get to meet you one day =)



    Hey Chester.

    From reading your bio you sound pretty cool. I give you my wishes and luck for your future. :)


    I’ve been playing your music for two months everyday ^^ love you, so. much. that’s all for now…<3


    All I have to say, is that you’re the most inspirational person I’ve had the great pleasure to stumble upon. I’ve never felt so incredibly moved by you, Chester, and YTF. At first, I thought, “Oh, another boy band.” But, you guys are so much more. Thank you for gifting us all with an amazing voice. And, Mama See, for such an amazing person. YTF for life. Chester See for life.

    ~ Cayla

    Ellda Alencar

    Amei a sua musica você é ótimo
    Um grande artista tem um grande futuro pela frente
    O Brasil esta torcendo por você!!!

    anonymous :)

    i think chester’s really hot :L
    soo much better than all those boy bands like one direction >>
    got great skill XD


    Chester you are wonderful to listen to and entertaining to watch. You are very talented.


    i’ve just discovered your music and it’s AMAZING
    i’ve loved the cover of most of the songs more than the originals!!!!
    <3 <3
    good luck and kisses from tunisia ;) ;)

    Holly G

    Heeyy! I’m a huge fan! I love your music & you are my inspiration for music xx( luv the biceps) x


    I love you!!!!!!

    God damn you’re beautiful,
    You’re everything that makes me fall in love,
    It’s time to go,
    So goodbye ;D

    See what i did there? ;)

    So goodbye is like my favourite song ever!
    And i think Everything is SOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!! ILY!!!


    HI Chester,
    Your voice is AMAZING. I absolutley love it. I only just started listening to you like a week ago and that was only beacuse of the song BROMANCE. You are so awesome at singing. You are my favorite singer right now. You do way better songs than the people that are “famous” now. The lyrics that you have are really meaningful and its just nice to listen to you!!!!!


      U know who else’s voice is beautiful. Mine!… when he tells me that in the moonlight when he kisses me goodnight . So go stuff your face with fruitcake!


        wow amonda you are very rude meet me behind the dumpster i wil give you a piece of my mind you little fird tee-hee


          Why don’t you meet me at Mickey D’s and my crew featuring Ronald McDonald can twist you up like the slide on the playground.


    Hey Chester/Website manager–God Damn You’re Beautiful has over NINE million views, not five ;)


    Oops, SEVEN million views. xD


    It’s a nice post.


    Hey. I think your Really Awesome. I hope you reply. Xoxo


    Sweet :3 Check out my website too. I’m still working on it though:

    XxxxX thx chester

    He is soooooo TALENTED!


    Wow I bet he was born singing too. Chester see you are amazing!!! YTF LOVE FROM KENYA!

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    I’d like to know when and where the concert is this fall, I’m from San Jose and really appreciated the concert in spring and since then gotten my friends hooked on you guys so I’m spreading the word! Whenever you guys know get back to me somehow, I’ve watched your videos from the beginning and love you and your whole crew! You all have so much talent and I love seeing you guys so thanks fo keeping me entertained and inspired! <3 I Love You !


    i love ur voice very damn beratyfull and uniqe i can hear and tell thats chester the one that got away is my favorite it is showed how powerfull voice u have


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    Hey Chester

    i sooooo much love you and your music….you really have a wonderful voice.
    i wish i could meet you some day…why don’t you and the YTF have concert
    here in India. it would be so great to have you guys here….!!! hahahaha….i
    really like the bromance video and the way “YOU” sing it with Ryan….^^
    PlzzzzzzzzZZZzzzzz have your concerts in India…!!!!


    Hello Chester,
    I am from Australia and im amazed when i first heard your music with Tiffany Alvord, the song “The One That Got Away” It got me to replay again, now it’s stuck in my head L.O.L thanks >:D I hope you for the future time :D i really love your music and videos!


      Ello Mate! Why don’t u just get off my hubby”s back and go eat some shrimp off the barbie. Girl BOO!!!!

    Emily Eastwood

    I think im going to watch fresh beat band to see him…. haha

      hagen u dont know me proulx

      hes gay i think and if u dont know than u shouldnt assume.


    Hey Chester,

    What area did you live in Fairfield? I live near dover if you remember where that is.

    Christy Rivera

    Summary of what everyone is saying and wishes they could say:
    You are very hot and your voice woos women from all over. You are welcome to most of the people who posted pants at all time and as a fan I must agree. I dig what you make, you have a great singing voice ad you are very funny. Also, as a super awesome bonus you are a sexy foxy hot babe. That is all.

    Hunter Boorigie

    CHESTER! today is my birthday. I think you are an amazing artist. You are my favorite to be honest. I am visiting my Sister and Brother in Las Vegas right now. And it would be my ULTIMATE dream to even get a hug from you, or see you. I Wish you would read this so i wont be heartbroken.
    I have a question id like to ask you.
    nothing bad wont start an argue.
    the question id like to ask you,
    must be answered true
    So that my heart wont turn blue.
    The question is, Can i meet you?
    And maybe some of your crew?
    We could go to the zoo,
    Or maybe take a poo.
    Doesn’t matter as long as i’m with you.
    This is my birthday wish
    Don’t leave me hanging like a fish
    Love your biggest fan, Really,
    Hunter Lee Boorigie <3


      Chester does not like you. Don’t even try try to flirt with him you lesbo. Nobody likes a fruity fruitcake so get on somewhere fird. Cuz he is in love with me!!!!!!

    Raven Vaaulu

    Um whats his email??? Like an email for fans???? If his has any….

    Maggie Westlake

    lol wow i just scanned over these post and some of them are pretty funny and some are just kind of scary/creepy XD


    im just gonna come out and say you’re freaking hot. oh and ur voice is very angelic as well.


    Aloha!ncyb! http://lmllpk.com ceqqh uwnqn


    Heyyyy Chester!

    I was shocked when I watched your music video “The One That Got Away” with Tiffany for the first time, you are just amazing<3

    "Goodbye"– my favorite song:) Great music video! Keep it up!

    Cheer up<3



    big fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

    Venita Hyppolite

    wow I’m from Fairfield CA too, I totally wasn’t expecting that! You are amazing dude, it’s hard to come from Solano County and come out on top like have kudos to you man!


    Chester See You are one Heavenly Person!
    Your hair, Your eyes,Your smile… They make me drawl…
    God i love you! *_*


      I totally agree. he’s So phitt my knees go weak everytime i see him! :*

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    Maggie Reames

    omgggggeee i love you so much and your super talented!!!

    Rana aboomar

    You’re far too talented to not be in selling out concerts in 30 sec. Or to be in a big movie productions! :)
    Good luck man :)

    addicted to your music

    Your voice is really awesome. Your music is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.. :)


    You are SUCH a sweet guy Chester. Everyone can see that. Stay sweet <3

    egyptian shereen

    hey chester i didn’t sleep 3 days in a row because of you
    thank you very much


      Really!? Chester doesn’t control your sleep habits. Best go and take some sleep aides FIRD!!!! or my crew will beat ur guts and feed them to my pet weasel.

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      hagen u dont know me proulx

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    Ahili Hiridian Hernandez

    i love all of his songs i also loved the song he sang with Nigahiga “Bromance” lol it made me laugh xD i love his voice and how he plays the piano hes also a very atractive and handsome guy ;)


      no stop he is better than handsom he is spuctacular he is like a panda in a forest of atalopes grazing wild

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    Dear Chester,

    My sister and I have just recently been watching your videos and we’ve both agreed that you have hot stuff going on. I dearly love you now. (Don’t think that I’m a creeper.) It would be awesome if I got to meet you and your handsomeness in person.

    Amanda Howard

      mary t:))))

      no he is gonna marry my prettyness

    mary t:)))

    dear love bird mary please


    dear amanda chester see is mine so back ur butt of he ls in love whith me we bake cookies together im his girlfriend he loves me more than his bros me and him are gonna go live in china and have chines babys and eat rice whith butter


      U wanna know something? U always try to copy me but u always fail cuz u can’t pull off this hot mama! So best back off girlfriend! Go and watch elmo loser!

        chester sucks

        you no what chester is not going out with any of you becuse he is gay and he likes boys


    my name is amanda i hate chester see his heart belongs to maryt:)))

      braxton w

      chester see is a fag


        you are such a jerk know where you live oo

      braxton w

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    idontlike "A"manda


    idolike "A"manda

    just kidding i do!!

    chester sucks

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    chester sucks

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    Amanda made the word FIRD! (means idiot) don’t forget it.

    braxton w

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      Come on, seriously? Do you’ve got any hobbies? I mean i also have some singers/actors that i don’t like, but i really have better things to do than to offend them on their homepage,cause i don’t even know their hompage adress, cause i’m not interested ^to no anything about them! So please stop doing this! It’s cowardly, mean and annoying for the fans.

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    Chester! Ok so I was going to go to the YTF concert but I couldn’t go because I had a family emergency! I was so sad! I seriously almost cried! Grr! I am just never going to be able to meet you! But it is on my bucket list so hopefully soon! And I just wanted to say that you are so inspiring. You seriously inspire me every day. You and your song have helped me through so much! You make me laugh with your comedy, make me cry with your songs, and make me believe with your serious acting. You have changed my entire life. When I hear your voice I just smile. It gives me a sense of comfort… Anyways… Enough of the crazy fan comment… I sound like such a creeper… Hahaha but I hope that I can meet you some day! :)

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    OMMMG! Norway! Never heard that at home! :) Cool, realityshow in my country..! Love that song actually! :)

    Haily Yakimowicz

    i love you sosososo much like you dont even know. i am your biggest fan, i am ytf’s biggest fan. i have written reports after reports on you for school. and im being you for halloween(; hows that for biggest fan! <3 i wuv woo!!!!!!<3


    Hottiiii… :-*


    I love bromance and nice guys on youtube and now i am in love :)

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    Kim Schatz

    hi chester how are u? i know that you are a busy man and all don’t want to take up your time just wanted to let you know that you have some fans here in michigan. they go to clintondale high school. they all are in drama choir and band. i know that they would like it if you stopped in and maybe gave them a few pointer’s and yes i have a daughter who go’s there she is in the 11th grade and is first in her class and she love’s acting and is good at it.we love the one you do about i don’t understand. if you can her name is christina hamilton i know she would like if you came up there if not thats ok i understand it was a thought. well thank you for your time and can’t wait to hear more from you.

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